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Our Service, Our Difference 


South Street Designs has grown to serve a global customer base, having support in strategic areas which allow us to provide consistent customer care. We use first-hand insight from customers across different geographies to make adjustments to our service and our product offerings. Our focus on customer service is relentless. We don’t just want a customer to place a single order; we want to build confidence in our service and products to have a customer for life.

South Street Influence 


Our company borrows its name from the South Street area of New York, across the Brooklyn Bridge from our company headquarters in Jersey City, NJ. South Street, in lower Manhattan, is one of the hot neighborhoods to watch in the city. This area has a long history of being a merchant hotspot dating back almost 200 years. In more recent years, entrepreneurs and business owners have made this area near the East River their home. The eclectic mix of merchants, views of cobblestoned streets and the Brooklyn Bridge, and live music represent the spirit of South Street Designs. We want our customers to express their uniqueness and creativity through our products. 


Our Founder 


Steve Creasy founded South Street Designs in 2014. Steve earned his BBA in Finance from James Madison University in 2009 and his MS in Finance from Florida State University in 2010. After spending almost four years working for other companies as a financial analyst, Steve realized his passion was to start his own business and use knowledge to bring top quality products to market. Using his background in finance, he had keen insight into the business world. 


As an e-commerce entrepreneur, Steve started South Street Designs by selling a variety of items through Amazon.com and eBay. Within a few years, South Street Designs includes three distinct brands and has launched over 40 different products. We still offer products from all brands where it all began on sites like Amazon and eBay. Steve’s vision continues to inspire his team to out-compete other sellers. Despite this highly competitive outlook, South Street Designs never compromises the quality of our products or our small business feel. 



     South Street Designs’ mission is to bring top quality, unique products that speak to everyone—from a trendy artist to a hardcore biker and everyone in between—to the world. We believe it should be fun and straightforward to find that one particular item that fits your style and needs. We strive to maintain the small company feeling of our first day offering products online. With South Street Designs, our customers come first, and we prove that every day through our service and through the products we offer. 

    Our Brands    


      South Street Designs launched two unique jewelry brands, Silver Phantom Jewelry and Ballet Bracelet, and an art supplies brand, VersaChalk. All brands speak to creativity and individual expression in distinctively diverse ways. 


Silver Phantom Jewelry (silverphantomjewelry.com)

allows customers the freedom to find perfect accessories to complement their own, unique style. Our jewelry designs feature elements from nature and our everyday life with a gothic flare. We have something for everyone—skulls, snakes, molecules, and cats with a mustache. Our main priorities are our customers and offering a quality product. We look for high-quality metals and stones for our pieces. We want each element of the product to flow together to create eye-catching necklaces, earrings, rings, and so much more. SPJ features three bestselling themed collections: the Día de Muertos inspired Las Calaveras – Sugar Skull Collection, the eternally romantic ‘Till Death Collection, and the sizzling chemistry of the Natural High Collection. 


VersaChalk (versachalk.com)

allows customers to express their individuality by creating works of art in chalk. We also grant much-needed access to superior quality materials at a reasonable price for artists, sketchers, entrepreneurs, crafters, and the do-it-yourself enthusiast of every variety. VersaChalk offers a wide range of creative chalk products including chalk markers, chalkboard, and cleaning products made from durable materials to stand up to daily use. Our products help artists of all skill levels create masterpieces, and allows businesses to show off their flare with new signage every day if needed without breaking the bank. Our top selling Neon Liquid Chalk Markers have high-density reversible marker tips, come in both bold and fine points, and are available in packages of eight eye-popping colors. Our Chalkboard & Whiteboard Cleaning Kit is another top seller that keeps our boards looking their best as each new creation comes to life. 


Ballet Bracelet (balletbracelet.com)

is an joint business venture between South Street Designs and and NYC-based celebrity jeweler Asher Hoffman. Ballet Bracelet is a luxury brand for the design driven woman and showcases what innovative design really means.

Founded in 2014, VersaChalk offers innovative chalkboard products for aspiring sketchers, old school artists, entrepreneurs, DIY-ers, and everyone in between.

We especially love the in-between! 





Email us: info@southstreetdesigns.com

Call us: (201) 431-8480

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