Company Benefits

Our company has a culture-first approach and thrives on trust, respect, collaboration, resilience, and innovation. This unwavering commitment enables us to foster a work environment that prioritizes inclusion and growth. We continually strive to uphold these values, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels valued, supported, and encouraged to achieve their potential.

An Hour For Your Program

As part of our commitment to care for our community, we have partnered with Magis Creative Spaces to provide free monthly counseling sessions. These consultations are completely voluntary and confidential to ensure that everyone who wants support can get it.

Holiday Wind Down

During the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, we adjust work priorities to provide our team members with ample time to unwind and recharge after the holiday season. The break allows our staff to take the necessary time off, returning refreshed and ready to tackle future projects with renewed vitality.

Cost of Living Adjustment

We provide an annual salary increase adjusted to the specific country's inflation rate where you are located. This ensures that your salary keeps up with the cost of living, enabling you to feel more financially secure.

Quarterly Reimbursements

We help alleviate costs incurred by our remote work setup and also to encourage personal growth among staff by providing reimbursement for expenses such as internet, technology upgrade, and upskilling.

Performance Bonuses

We conduct bi-annual performance reviews and distribute bonuses to exceptional performers. This not only cultivates an environment of growth but also motivates each individual to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.

Digital Nomad Benefit

We believe that exposure to diverse cultures and environments leads to broader perspectives and more effective problem-solving, contributing to creativity and innovation. This benefit is designed to offer flexibility while maintaining performance expectations and taking into account cost-of-living variations.